We can ship anywhere Australia inc RD

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship to a PO Box/Parcel Lockers. 



As soon as your package ships, we will send you a tracking number via email that you can use to track your order! 



What is your shipping policy in Australia?

Within Australia, we use Australia Post which shipping costs will vary depending on city, weight and dimensions

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have placed your order, we cannot change the shipping method.  

When will my order ship?

Please allow 48 - 72 business hours for your order to process and shipped out. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not do weekend or public holiday deliveries. 


My float will not stay inflated, help!

We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your float! Our first suggestion is inflating one more time and ensuring that all the valves are fully closed as those can be tricky sometimes. When people reach out with "slow leak" issues, it is often just an issue with the valve being fully closed and tightened.

It’s totally normal for a pool float to slowly lose air over an extended period of time. But if the air loss is sudden, please contact hello@andsunday.com for further assistance.

My float has a hole, what should I do?

We recommend patching the holes with the PVC patches that are included in all &SUNDAY float boxes. If you need new patches, you can purchase them at most sporting goods stores or from Amazon (free shipping!). 


What is the recommended age for &SUNDAY floats?

Ages 6+ for our kids range and 12+ for our oversized adults range. &SUNDAY floats are not a life saving device. Do not leave children unattended while in use. 

Inflation and set-up:

Step 1: Unfold and lay your float on a flat surface, clear of any sharp objects that could puncture your float.

Step 2: Fully open all air chambers.

Step 3: Using an inflation device, inflate each chamber.

  • Dual-action valves: inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes!

    1. Ensure all dual-action valves are open and pulled out of the float body

    2. Insert black mid-valve into the clear valve base. Ensure black mid-valve is fully inserted.

    3. Insert any standard inflation device into the black mid-valve, hold firmly and inflate.

Tip: Insert a hair dryer (COLD AIR ONLY) directly into clear valve base to inflate!


Important Inflation Notes:  Inflate your &SUNDAY float slowly until most of the wrinkles in the float material are gone. Please note, there will still be wrinkles on the float when fully inflated, do not over-inflate to attempt to remove the wrinkles. When inflated, the air chambers feel firm to the touch.

Do not over-inflate until hard. We recommend a foot pump or electric inflatable air mattress pump to inflate your float.

Do not use air compressors or compressed air to inflate. Use of an air compressor or over-inflation can rupture the product beyond repair and voids any warranty.

Important Air Temperature Notes: Changes in air temperature will cause air to expand or contract. This can cause serious damage to your float. Please use caution when leaving your float in direct sunlight as the sun will heat the float and cause the air to expand. You may need to release air from your float if your float is hot. Conversely, you may need to add air to your float when in-contact with cold water or if left outside overnight.

Deflation: Dual action valve: Simply pull the entire valve out of the float body and air will escape the float.

Maintenance:Your float with last with proper maintenance. After each use, please remove from the water and rinse with fresh water. Ensure float is completely dry. Deflate until flat, fold and store.

Repair: &SUNDAY floats are made with extra thick material to ensure the best floating experience. If your &SUNDAY float is punctured, identify the puncture location. We recommend patching the leak with the patch included in the &SUNDAY box. When deflated, clean the float around the puncture and ensure the area is completely dry. Peel the clear repair patch and apply directly over the puncture. Press firmly and smooth to set the repair patch to the float.

If your float has a slow leak, inflate your float one more time and ensure all the valves are fully closed. 

Store: Store your deflated &SUNDAY float in a cool, dry place with no UV exposure to protect against sun damage.   


All &SUNDAY floats are original copyrighted designs.  &SUNDAY is the only manufacturer of these floats. We vigorously defend and protect all &SUNDAY Intellectual Property.